2017: A Year of Loving Generously

 Loving Generously: Part 2
Jesus said, “…you should treat people in the same way that you want people to treat you.” Earlier this year, we began a journey learning more about how God intends for us to love generously. Now, we continue that journey, along with our fictional video friends, Frank, Cassie, Ray and some new friends in the Loving Generously series.




April 23:   Banquet Mindedness: Humility that leads us to relational generosity.
April 30:   Where is your treasure? Accumulating stuff can hurt your relationships. 
May 7:       Kindness: God provides you with opportunities to express unexpected generosity.     
May 14:     Chosen, to be and to do. God calls this holiness: set apart for God’s use. 
May 21:     Community: God invites us to create a community unlike anything we can imagine.