The Life of Simon Peter: 1/7 – 2/11, 2018

You are invited to come worship on Sunday morning, where you will learn more about Jesus’ #1 disciple, Simon Peter. As we delve into Peter’s life, we will also learn about Jesus, our Lord. And as we get to know Simon Peter better, we will discover new things about ourselves, as well. Worship starts a little before 10 a.m.

January 7      Fishing with Jesus        Luke 5:1-11
January 14    Walking with Jesus      Matthew 14:22-34
January 21    Talking with Jesus        Matthew 16:13-23
January 28    Arguing with Jesus      Matthew 26:31-35
February 4    Eating with Jesus         John 21:4-18
February 11   Serving with Jesus       Acts 3:1-8

Simon Peter and the other disciples were riding out a storm on the lake, when Jesus appeared, in order to save them. He does the same for us, when we have to navigate the storms of life. Find out more this Sunday, in worship; January 14 at 10 a.m.