Hardy Church is 150 years old!!!

Hardy Church started in 1870.  That gives us reason to CELEBRATE! So, throughout the year, we will have special events to commemorate our anniversary.
[Assuming we will be free to gather, per our State Governor and United Methodist Bishop]
 For example:

+++ On April 26th, Cheré Pepper was scheduled to play her guitar and sing her country-style music during morning worship. We will reschedule when stay-at-home is done for churches. https://cherepepper.com 
+++ July 12th will be the Sunday closest to the first Sunday of worship in 1870. On that Sunday, everyone is invited to wear period dress (any period over the last 150 years).  Worship will be followed by a  lunch (details to be determined).  It will be our 150th Anniversary Blast! 
+++ On September 20th Stronghold will bring their gospel quartet music to morning worship. https://strongholdquartet.com 

Stay tuned for MORE events to be announced as the year progresses.