How we are active during “Stay-at-home” time

Hardy United Methodist Church

At Hardy Church, we are participating in the effort to slow down the progression of the coronavirus / COVID-19 by closing down worship, Bible studies, and all other activities until the Governor and our Bishop give us the go-ahead to re-open. We are still holding worship online, at FaceBook Live, Sunday morning at 10am. ~~ Search for the Hardy Pastor account to do worship! It is open to the public. ALSO, there will be devotionals in the same place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the duration of STAY-AT-HOME.
+++ God bless you and keep healthy!
          Pastor John Schneider

Bishop David Bard’s two emails from 4/12 & 4/13.  (including a brief video message from Bishop Bard)

A link to an article from The University of Michigan, explaining why it is a very good idea to limit face-to-face gatherings of people: Flattening the curve:

A segment on a National Public Radio program called Fresh Air,
aired on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. 
‘New York Times’ health and science reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. points to China as a model of how to stop a fast moving pandemic in its tracks. “We’re reluctant to follow China, but they did it,” he says. McNeil talks about the challenges facing the U.S. as states move to reopen. “We’re nowhere near getting on top of this virus,” he says.