Live Nativity 2021

We didn’t have our Live Nativity last year because of Covid… but for 2021, WE ARE BACK!!! We will be live on Saturday, December 11 at 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm, at the “barn,” west of the main church building. Each show lasts about 20 minutes. Before or after, you are invited to stop by the sanctuary in the main church building to see our display of nativity sets, right next to the BIG Christmas tree. There is no admission fee for this event; it is our gift to the community.

Please wear a mask inside our church building. Masks are also useful outside to keep your face warm. We also encourage you to keep a safe distance from people outside of your own family group. (Even people who have been vaccinated sometimes get Covid.)

Merry Christmas!!

From Pastor John (King Herod in the play) and the rest of Hardy Church