Children’s Ministries


Sunday School

Our children (pre-school through fifth grade) begin Sunday mornings in worship, with their families. After some singing and prayers, the children go up to the front for A Time Especially for Children, with Pastor John. After that, they have the option to stay in worship with their family or go with the teachers (Peggy and friends) to Sunday School, which ends at the same time worship ends.
Sunday School is a year-round activity!

Bell choir Handbells.001

During Sunday School and special Saturday gatherings, the children practice playing (color-coded) handbells, in preparation to play during worship, several times each year.  

Special events

Peggy and friends have Saturday parties for the children several times each year. These parties include music, crafts, games and snacks. Occasionally, the children are taken on field trips. Last fall, they went to a local cider mill.

Vacation Bible School            July 29-August 2, 2019

Every summer, we take a week of evenings (5:15-8pm
) to have a Vacation Bible School for children (through 5th grade). It includes dinner, music, crafts, outdoor exercise, and a Bible lesson. The kids would love it if VBS ran for two weeks, but the adults would collapse from exhaustion. VBS is a true labor of love. And loads of fun.
This year our theme will be To MARS and BEYOND.

A Time Especially for Children:
“I always have a brief lesson for the kids, during worship, that matches the sermon, but at their level of understanding. We talk about faith, relationships, eternal life, and such. From time to time, I also find myself answering questions about things like corn dogs and penguins. It’s one of my favorite times of the week.” +++Pastor John