WORSHIP   Sunday @10am (during non-COVID times)

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP really begins a little before 10:00 a.m., when our Music Director, Carolyn Siivola asks for anyone to call out a favorite worship song. We sing a verse or two of each song, until it gets to 10:00 a.m.

After that, worship includes more singing, prayers, Bible reading and preaching. There is usually a time set aside for children during worship; after that they go to Sunday School. The choir often provides a special piece of music (September-May). The worship style is relaxed and fairly traditional, with a blend of contemporary and traditional songs sung with piano accompaniment. Dress is whatever you want: from jeans to dresses and suits. (Hint: Pastor John doesn’t usually wear a robe or a necktie.)

OUR NURSERY is well-staffed by adults; clean and safe for those who have toddlers and want to leave them there during worship.  

AFTER WORSHIP, everyone is invited to go downstairs for coffee, punch, and snacks that range from baked goods, to fruit and veggies, to meat and cheese and crackers. 

HOLY COMMUNION is usually served on the first Sunday of each month, as well as on special days, such as Holy Thursday (just before Easter) and Christmas Eve.  

WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING for people with skills in music, art and worship leadership. However, if your skill is in praising God from the pews, we welcome you, too.

WE ALSO JOIN with other churches in the Hartland area for a number of special worship services: the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

“The goal of my sermons and the entire worship experience is to give us all something to think about, leading us to action and a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus and with each other.”   +++ Pastor John